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Welcome to The Diet Doc!

We are your partner in Des Moines, with The Diet Doc permanent weight loss, Team K contest prep, and CTS personal training, to help you reach your health & fitness goals.

A Customized Plan For Permanent Weight Loss!

The Diet Doc is the answer to failed cookie-cutter, template-driven dieting programs. In an industry plagued by a 98% failure rate, The Diet Doc synergizes the science and support necessary for enduring client success.
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The Legendary Perfect Peaking Program!

It's an easy, seamless, safe process, that involves no tricks. Team K peaking uses science and flexible dieting to help you reach your full potential before hitting the stage.
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Individual and science based Personal Training!

Whether your goal is strength and conditioning, functional training, weight loss, building muscle or just wanting to be overall healthy, I can help you achieve those goals through science based one-on-one training that takes your strengths and weaknesses into consideration and works with them to make you a better functioning and more dynamic person.
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